The concept of the virginity in a woman before she gets married is significant amongst many societies even though there may be variations. However, one belief that is prevalent in most societies is that virginity is linked to purity and chastity and needed to abstain from penetrative sexual intercourse before her marriage. After she gets married, she and her husbands will have first intercourse. One way people from such societies ensure that the woman is a virgin is by checking the hymen.

The hymen is an extracellular membrane covering the external vaginal opening of a female, and it is considered as vital proof of virginity. The hymen may tear when a woman engages in sexual activity for the first time, thus leading to discomfort, pain, and bleeding. Such bleeding is considered as an essential proof of female virginity, for instance seeing blood on the bedsheets after their first penetrative intercourse shows that the wife was a virgin.

However, there could be various reasons for tearing off hymen which may include laceration by disease, injury, medical examination, masturbation or physical exercise. It can simply be torn by inserting a tampon too. In very unfortunate circumstances, a woman may be raped, and her hymen would be torn. In many cultures, an intact hymen that is greatly valued in marriage can be restored by a cosmetic surgery procedure known as hymenoplasty.

The scope of hymenoplasty surgery has been increased worldwide by keeping in view its cultural, societal and religious significance. The rising trend of hymenoplasty is also observed in Malaysia.

It may be a touchy topic to read about and there may be some cultural or societal opposition to it. Nevertheless, this site is here to provide you with information to help you understand this procedure better. Maybe you, as the reader, may need it or perhaps your loved ones need it. With this information, you will be better prepared and know what to expect from it. Browse through the pages to find out more about how the procedure is done and the benefits and risks arising from it.