How is Hymenoplasty Done

There are two most commonly used techniques for reconstruction of rupture hymen.

Microsurgery is mainly employed for repairing of the ruptured hymen. In surgical hymen repair procedure, two V-shaped remnants of the ruptured hymen are selected under magnification and stitched together for a short period of time by using vicryl in the manner; outer layer to outer one and inner layer to the inner one. The suture creates hymen like folds. The stitches absorb within 3 weeks and hymen remnants separate just as prior to surgery. No dressing is needed to expect hot shower and apply some prescribed ointment.

Another procedure is the laser-based permanent reconstruction of hymen repair. Artificial flap This technique is mainly recommended to employ minimum 4 weeks prior to the wedding. After surgical hymen healing, it works as natural hymen without any mark of surgery. Generally, the patient thinks that hymen is difficult to heal without sutures. However, Hymenoplasty is one of the recommended methods for proper healing of hymen by following the prescribed instruction. 30 to 40 minutes are needed for hymenoplasty. The recommended recovery time and rest are just a few hours. A hot bath is generally prescribed after surgery for prompt recovery.

Great care must be taken to ensure proper hygiene during the recovery period. Avoid rigourous activities that put pressure on yourself so that the stitches will not come loose. Patients who have gone through hymenoplasty have to abstain from any form of sexual activity for 3-6 months, be it penetrative or non-penetrative, so that that they can fully recover. It will take quite a bit of time for women to recover from the surgery as everyone has different needs and lifestyles. Consult your surgeon if you are unsure about anything.