Burn Reconstructive Surgery

In Malaysia, burn cases are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. The New Straits Times (2017) reported a child mortality in every two weeks due to fire incidents. Fires are started by negligence, mishap or completely by accident, but whatever the reason is, fire does not spare anyone and will burn down anything its path. People who survived the fire may have to deal with severe burns and permanent scarring.

Permanent scarring is not only caused by fires but also through acid attacks. Usually, women are victims of acid burns as strong acids would be thrown at them. Their faces mostly bear most of the corrosive effects. The occurrence of acid attacks in Malaysia is low, but the victims of past attacks are still suffering from the drastic effects and scarring from such attacks.

As mentioned above, both these incidents result in severe burns and may be permanent. Permanent scarring on the face can cause physical disfiguration like blindness. Apart from the physical damage, such burns also cause psychological trauma to the victims, and their self-esteem will sink rock bottom. Skincare and makeup would not fix their scars. But there is one solution; burn reconstruction surgery.

Burn surgery is usually categorised into acute and reconstructive. Acute surgery requires immediate burn care right after the incident usually given by trauma surgeons. Reconstructive surgery requires the consultation with plastic surgeons after healing of the initial burn scars. The purpose of reconstructive burn surgery is to recover the cosmetic appearance and function of burn wounds. This surgery involves both operative and non-operative treatments for skin grafting and tissue engineering. Usually, the burn surgeons-patient associations last several years. Burn treatments take many months to be fully recovered.

Browse through the pages to learn more about how burn reconstruction surgery is done and the benefits and risks of it. With this information, you might be able to help someone in need and provide moral support for them.