Benefits and Risk of Burns Reconstructive Surgery

Surgery has some limitations in the full removal of burn scars. But it is a useful approach to recover the cosmetic appearance and improve functionality. In some burns cases, scarring on the face may result in impairment and loss of motion of shoulder, limbs or neck due to the formation of tough leathery tissue called eschars or muscle contractures. Burn reconstructive surgery helps the patient to regain the motion by restoring tissues elasticity or removing contractures. It is also useful for the treatment of facial scarring and hair loss. Besides it, some operative and non-operative techniques are used for treating discolouration or thick and wide scars.

Apart from the improvement of physical appearance and regaining feeling, many people are much more confident about their appearance. Their self esteem improves as well as their outlook of life. Some victims would feel much more empowered than before.

During the surgery, the patient is highly susceptible to microbial infection and other complications. That is why intensive care is direly needed. Apart from microbial infections, contractures, chronic ulcers, hypertrophied scars and other unfavourable scars are some post-burn deformities. Thus it is extremely important to choose the right surgeon; someone who is experienced and highly skilled.

Surgical complications related to burn reconstruction may vary with respect to patient’s healing ability. However, the chances of surgical complications may greatly increase in case of damaged connective tissue, poor blood circulation in the affected area, or patients who have HIV, or impaired immune system and are habitual smokers. Always check with your surgeon on your health conditions and for smokers to abstain or quit smoking altogether two weeks before the surgery.