Reconstructive Surgery in Malaysia

We are probably all aware of the typical cosmetic surgeries that enhances one’s beauty. The term cosmetic surgery implies that there is going to be modification to your physical appearance via invasive or non-invasive techniques. There so many different types of surgeries available such as liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. These surgeries are here to improve upon ones appearance and perhaps increase their self esteem as well. They usually feel better about themselves and show off their new face and body to everyone around them.

However cosmetic surgery can also be categorised as reconstructive surgery. It is not always trying perfect something but rather it is to repair what is broken. Many people may be afflicted with congenital or acquired defects to their body or face without proper reason. They negatively affect the people’s self-esteem and some would even feel that their deformities are so grotesque that they will do their best to hide them. Some may experience societal pressures to get such surgeries; else they will face the consequences. Reconstructive surgery is here to improve their appearance such that it could give them new life and freedom. It is literally a life-changing surgery for these people.

This site will show you more about three types of reconstructive surgeries: burns reconstructive surgery, hymenoplasty and pectus excavatum surgery. Some may seem familiar to you, some may be unknown to you. Some may even be taboo to talk about. However, we will do our best to present as much information to you as possible so that if you or your loved ones need such a surgery, you are well-prepared and able to give support.